Online Dating Makeover

Online Dating Makeover

You are amazing. However, with a seemly endless sea of singles available just a click or swipe away— it’s imperative that your profile stands out.

What’s your digital first impression?

How does your profile represent you? What impact do your photos make? Are you effectively communicating with quality and compatible men?

You deserve a profile that both visually and verbally allows the reader to imagine what it might be like to date your awesome self.

As a goal oriented woman who’s found success in every other area of your life, it can easily become frustrating when your results with online dating are below average.

After Working With Me

You’ll be empowered and confident as you jump into online dating. You will understand how to screen men’s profiles, effectively communicate with potential matches, and know how to prequalify potential dates.

Your entire perspective will shift and your experience will drastically change.

I can’t wait to get to know you and remove your frustrations! Our 1:1 coaching will be customized to your needs: whether you simply need a profile makeover, are brand new to online dating, or are in need of hands-on guidance.

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During our Consult we will cover:
  • What you want most in your dating life and future relationship.
  • Your biggest challenges and road blocks in the moment.
  • The road forward. We’ll discuss customized options and see whether working with me makes sense right now, and if so, in what capacity.
  • If I’m the right coach for you (you deserve a coach that can meet your specific needs).
  • If you’re the best client for me (it’s important we work well together!).
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