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Cheating Recovery

Cheating Recovery

I truly believe: no one can understand the excruciating and devastating pain that is the result of an affair unless they’ve experienced it. 

Nothing in life can prepare you for how deeply painful it is to experience true betrayal. Words can’t describe the intense pain that is felt inside your core. You’re completely disillusioned, lost, and broken. Sometimes it hurts just to breath.

I Understand

The day I found out my husband was cheating on me, everything in my world changed. My decision after the discovery was to attempt reconciliation. I stayed for an entire year.

Unfortunately, the only thing that was accomplished in that year was me losing the little confidence I had left. I continued to live in a cycle of misery and devastation for that entire year.

My journey to a healed heart was incredibly difficult. I will never tell you, my fellow sister, that it was any other way. However, I will tell you— I emerged stronger than ever before.

YOU are NOT your Situation

I refused to let this situation define me and affect my future happiness. You must conjure the strength to make this refusal as well. And I will help you.

After Working With Me

You’ll emerge from this journey as a confident women who is able to feel joy again. You will value who you are, be taking tangible steps toward your personal goals, and feel excited about your new future. I can’t wait to help you take control over the situation that’s controlling you. I can’t wait to see your transformation!

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  • If I’m the right coach for you (you deserve a coach that can meet your specific needs).
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