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Online Dating

You’re a smart, successful, and beautiful woman. You’re incredibly unique and have amazing qualities you offer to those around you.

But what’s your digital first impression?

How does your profile represent you? What impact do your photos make? Are you effectively communicating with quality and compatible men?

Remember when you first decided to try online dating? You were probably filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you first joined a dating site. You selected a few photos, answered the necessary questions, and filled in the “about me” section. You probably smiled to yourself thinking about all the quality men you were about to meet. Being the goal oriented woman you are, you may have even messaged a few attractive men that caught your attention.

From Optimistic to Frustrating

Let me guess what happened next: Your inbox became filled with messages (such as “hi” and “hello”) from men you’re not interested in. Many of the men you messaged never wrote you back. Multiple attractive and interesting men viewed your profile but never reached out.

 I completely understand your experience because I’ve been in your shoes.

As a smart woman who’s found success in every other area of your life, it can easily become frustrating when your results with online dating are below average. You might even go as far as to say, “Online dating doesn’t work!” I’ve definitely said that before! (Let me tell you a little secret: it does work! I can show you!) Or maybe you’re thinking about trying online dating… but have concerns that are holding you back.

The options of finding a man that compliments you is limited in your current social circle. Dating sites open that circle immensely and give you the opportunity to connect with men you will never met elsewhere.

Move Past the Frustrations and Get Straight to the Benefits

 You’re about to meet high quality men and start actually having fun with online dating! Whether you’re seeking a profile makeover or you’re ready to only focus on the OFFline part of dating—

I will completely change your experience.

I’m so excited to help you connect with high quality and compatible men!

Take a look at my customizable online coaching packages below where you can learn more and 
Schedule your FREE Consult!

  • Online Dating Makeover

    • Customized written profile
    • Receive 1:1 coaching customized to your personal needs
    • Discover which photos to use on your profile.
    • Determine which site is best suited for you.
    • Lean how to prequalify men.
    • Strategize how to communicate with men you’re interested in
    • Master how to go from Online to OFFline





  • Online Dating Manager

    • Remove the time, stress, and frustrations with online dating.
    • This is way more than just having your profile professionally written!
    • You’ll receive all the benefits of a matchmaker— without the limitations.
    • I’ll focus on the digital communication; you focus on enjoying actual dates
    • Receive 1:1 coaching customized to your personal needs
    • I’ll moderate and optimize your dating account to insure maximum visibility.
    • Improve in-person dating skills to help sparks fly.


I’m so excited that you’ve decided to create a change in your love life and that you’re considering me as someone who can help you through that transformation.

I know who you are in this very moment… because I’ve been there myself.

I understand what it feels like to desire a loving and committed relationship but be completely exhausted with the dating process. I understand your frustrations with emotionally unavailable men and you wondering if quality men even exist. I also understand how the entire dating process can take a toll on your self confidence and leave you incredibly confused.

You’re Ready For Love

You’re an amazing woman and deserve to be in a loving relationship. As a smart woman, you understand that what you’ve been doing isn’t creating the results you desire.

If you’re serious about committing to the process, seeing results, and making love a priority— then you’re ready to work with me.

I will push you to dig deep. While I’ll be empathetic to you at all times, it will be my mission for you to accomplish your personal goals and dreams. Practicality, objectivity, and direct communication will move you down the path to where you want to.

Let’s Make A Change Together

We’ll work together to unearth whatever’s been holding you back. From there we’ll get crystal clear on your goals and you’ll be given tangible actions that will drastically transform your love life. I will not (nor should any dating, relationship, or life coach) attempt to change you. We’ll shift your perspective. We’ll evaluate your behaviors. We won’t change you. You shouldn’t have to change for any relationship. After working with me, you’ll be more in touch with your authentic self than ever before.

I’m not here to offer you gimmicks, tricks, or games to use in your dating life. I’m not here to bring you temporary results. A quick-fix approach will only hurt your chances of finding true love.

 I’m here to support and guide you into establishing a foundation that will help you create a deep connection with a relationship-ready man.

I’m so excited to be by your side through this journey!

Take a look at my 1:1 customized dating packages below where you can learn more and
Schedule your FREE Consult!

  • Road to Relationship

    • Receive 1:1 coaching customized to your personal needs
    • Discover how to attract relationship-ready men
    • Learn how to screen dates for true compatibility
    • Strategize how to represent your amazing self on a first date
    • Understand how to flirt authentically and effectively
    • Determine and unearth your roadblocks 
    • Gain more confidence in your life and love life



  • 3 Day Intensive

    • Receive 1:1 coaching IN PERSON customized to your personal needs
    • Gain accelerated results as we dig deep for 3 days
    • Transform your love life quickly and effectively
    • Understand exactly how you’re perceived on a first date
    • Learn powerful information you can apply immediately
    • Obtain in-person styling guidance
    • Receive continued support after your intensive program is complete


Divorce, a cheating ex, and breakups: all can easily tear down your entire world and leave you feeling lost and purposeless. I understand.

So Much Pain

First, let me say to you I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I’m sorry you’re experiencing pain in this very moment that has led you to this page. I’m glad you found me and if we choose to work together— I can’t wait to help you get through this devastation and guide you to happiness.

I can’t wait to see you confident in yourself and excited for your future.

The Journey To Healing and Your Best Self

The journey to healing your heart can seem impossible at times, but with the right support and encouragement it’s possible to use this experience to become your best possible self. I’ve been that purposeless girl, laying on the bathroom floor in a flood of my own tears. After experiencing a marriage with infidelity and an emotionally draining divorce:

I’ve come out of the darkness, healed my wounds, and become stronger than ever before.

You can too.

While your friends and family have your best interest at heart, they often don’t know how to healthily give you the support you need. While time can be a helpful friend and distractions are often welcomed during a heartbreak— simply allowing time to pass while masking what’s really going on inside can cause a heartbreak to affect your life forever.

You must walk through the door of pain so that you can come out on the other side. The only way to truly heal is to acknowledge the situation that is present, accept the emotion that follows (no matter how uncomfortable and painful it is), and allow yourself to experience it.

I’ll Be By Your Side

During this incredibly difficult time, I will be by your side. As your coach, I will only have your journey upwards as my main focus. I will provide you the support and guidance needed to insure you process the situation, gain hope (and excitement!) for your future, and heal in a way that prevents this situation from affecting future relationships.

I can’t wait to to start you on the path to a stronger, happier, and more confident you.

Take a look at my customizable heartbreak packages below where you can learn more and
Schedule your FREE Consult!

  • Breakup Rescue

    • Begin healing from a heartbreaking divorce or breakup.
    • Receive customized 1:1 coaching, support, and guidance.
    • Learn small steps forward you can take everyday and discover how to handle letting go of your ex.
    • Rebuild your confidence and become stronger than ever.
    • Learn coping techniques to get you through difficult moments.
    • Gain hope and excitement for your future.
  • Cheating Recovery

    • Begin healing from the heartbreaking experience of infidelity.
    • Receive customized 1:1 coaching, support, and guidance
    • Cover all topics in Breakup Rescue tailored to the particular devastation caused by cheating.
    • Understand the stages you’ll experience and how to process each one.
    • Learn how to handle times when you can’t get the affair out of your head and other moments of weakness
    • Gain hope and excitement for your future.
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