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What (Most!) Dating Coaches Won’t Tell You

Let me share a few secrets that most dating coaches won’t tell you.

First of all, I know working with the right dating coach can drastically transform your love life. The insights, tools, and skills developed are invaluable and continue to last long after your coaching relationship ends.

I greatly enjoy guiding my clients. Helping them get their love life on track is why I wake up in the morning.

I’m not the only dating coach that feels this way. There are many amazing, qualified, and dedicated coaches that entered into this industry because they’re passionate about helping people succeed and find love.

Sadly, there are an equal number of dating coaches that offer false promises and exaggerated claims. These less-than-stellar characters often take on any client willing to pay the price. Typically, these coaches aren’t willing to be 100% upfront with you because the truth might push you away from hiring them.

While I do run a business and know the time I invest into a client is valuable, I’ve made a promise to myself to lead with integrity. If sharing the truth with you means losing a client, I’m comfortable with that! If a client expects a quick magical fix —it doesn’t matter how much they’re willing to pay me— I don’t have a magic wand.

Providing honesty and objectivity to your life is a huge aspect of my job. I’m happy to share these five truths with you.


What (Most!) Dating Coaches Won’t Tell You

– 5 Truths –

 1. Your Love Life isn’t an Instant Fix

In any complex area of your life (career, family relationships, fitness, dating life, etc.) it’s impossible to completely shift your approach in an extremely short amount of time.

You’ve been rehearsing certain behaviors for years (sometimes decades!) so it’s impossible to “poof” your life into exactly how you want it to be instantly.


This process requires dedication, commitment, and effort on your part. Working with a dating coach can definitely expedite the process— but there are no instant fixes. However, I can tell you, the investment pays off immeasurably for the rest of your life.

2. Gimmicks and Tricks Don’t Work

When you see ads that seem too good to be true, you know NOT to believe them:

  • Take This Pill and Loose 25lbs!
  • 6 Minute Workout to the Perfect Body
  • Make 1 Million Dollars with this 1 Easy Step
  • 1 Month and this Cream Will Eliminate All Wrinkles!

Most educated individuals simply roll their eyes and continue on with their day.

Then please, please, please… don’t believe similar claims about your love life:
  • Attract Any Man You want
  • 3 steps to Make Him Marry You
  • How to use Texts to Make Him Fall in Love
  • Guaranteed: Get your Ex Back

These gimmicks and tricks may sometimes yield results… but they’re typically short lived.

A holistic approach is the key to long lasting results.

Plus, do you really want to be in a relationship where you “tricked” a man into liking you? I hope not!

You deserve to be in a relationship where you’re loved for being your authentic self.

3. You have to Fall in Love… with YOURSELF!

A dating coach’s job is to help you succeed in love, but the truth is: it starts with you.

Self-growth isn’t typically what instigates clients to hire a dating coach. However, after working with a dating coach, you should feel more in touch with your authentic self than ever before.

Yes, your coach and you will (and should!) focus on improving your dating approach and on attracting the right relationship— but you should also be focusing on some deep internal growth.

4. Not Every Coach is Right for Every Client

The right dating coach will help you find balance in your life, remove roadblocks from your path, guide you through tough situations, and push you to grow. Your dating coach needs to be someone that you can completely open up to and trust her judgement.

You deserve a dating coach that can meet your specific needs. As a dating coach, it’s important for me to only accept clients I know will work well with me.

Lean more about me as a coach here.

Unfortunately, every dating coach isn’t a right fit for every potential client. You should discover if you’d work well together during the consultation.

5. Finding a Great Date isn’t the Goal: It’s a Great Relationship!

hands-437968__340It can be extremely easy to get caught up in “instant” results and focus on quickly attracting the same type of man you’ve always been interested in.

You might learn to “pick-up” more dates, but are you selecting compatible matches? Or are you repeating the same pattern of dating the wrong men and ending up still single (or worse: in an unhappy relationship). This is why learning gimmicks typically only yields short-term results

Yes, I want you to learn how to approach a man you’re interested in, authentically flirt, and confidently represent yourself on a first date— but I also want you to become aware of what you actually need in a partner, how to screen dates for potential compatibility, and date men that you can deeply connect with.

heartThe Bigger Picture

Focus on the bigger picture. It’s not only about improving your dating life or just ending up in “a relationship”— you’re ready to be in a great relationship with a man that loves you unconditionally for you.

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