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Ask Shauna Z (May 2018)

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3 Responses

  1. Randi says:

    I started dating someone in November… I’m 44, he’s 55 and our relationship has been great so far. We haven’t said that we love each other and I definitely am feeling like I am. Is it best to wait for him to tell me that he loves me before I do? I think he’s worried I’ve dated too many other people before him and that he’s dispensable but my feelings have never been this genuine and strong for someone I’ve dated in the past.

  2. Concerned Mama says:

    I have a son who has some special needs – because this is something that is important information about my life and a future with me, when is the appropriate time to share that? Do I mention it briefly in my profile even?? He doesn’t need full time nursing care or anything but has required a lot of medical care (surgeries, tests and dr visits), therapies and is behind his same age-peers…and his future medical needs are unknown. My son is an amazing little guy with much to offer the right guy in our life, so I don’t want to “scare someone off” by too much info too soon, but I feel that someone who can’t handle it I’d rather know sooner than later so we don’t waste our time.

  3. Lily says:

    Ok, first of all: thank you for the advice you gave me a few weeks ago. To refresh your memory I asked about how to get him to define the relationship. I ended up backing off and he didn’t fight for me, so it ended. Next!

    Now, while I was swiping to meet new people, I came across a guy I went out with over a year ago. We went on one date and talked a few weeks after that but never met up again. I still have his number and our previous texts, coincidentally about Westworld (season 1). Which is relevant because the second season is out.

    Should I message him? What do I say?

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