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My Mission

I believe every woman deserves to experience true love with a man that is undeniably devoted to her.

I believe in falling in love: First with your amazing self, then with an amazing other.

I believe life is meant to be shared with a partner that unconditionally accepts you for who you truly are.

My mission in life is to help purpose driven women heal from past relationships, successfully date, and find the all encompassing love that they deserve. While I do hold a psychology degree and have 12 years experience as a behaviorist, it’s my personal journey that ignited this passion.

Find out all the details of my journey here.


Happily Not-So-Ever After

When I was 29 years old, I was happy married (so I thought!) until I made a devastating discovery: my husband was cheating on me.

I fought for the marriage an entire year after the discovery. My hope was for reconciliation, but the only thing that resulted was experiencing one emotionally painful moment after another.

At the age of 30 I found myself single, starting over, and completely heartbroken. 

I learned to be gentle with myself and slowly started working through the desolating pain. While taking steps to move forward and heal, I began to examine my life and who I was at my core. Even while I was at my most devastating state, deep inside I knew one thing for sure: I believed in love.

Not just I’d-rather-be-with-you-than-be-alone love… I mean real, unfiltered, all encompassing, confident, accepting, and unconditional love.

I wouldn’t settle for anything less. (Neither should you!)


Dating is Frustrating

After taking the necessary steps to rebuild myself, (Stronger than ever before!) I decided to open myself up to finding true love. I came to one realization rather quickly— dating is exhausting! The dating world has drastically changed: it’s more digitalized than ever, desires instant gratification, and is full of emotionally unavailable men!

For five years I dated in every modern and old fashioned way possible: online dating, speed dating, approached by men, approaching men myself, friends of friends, blind dates, etc. I’ve definitely been the girl frustrated with dating, wondering where all the quality men are, and thoroughly discouraged.


Real Love Exists

hawaii-wedding-moutainsThrough the years, I’ve mastered how to successfully date with a purpose. I’ve taken the time to understand men, embrace my feminine energy, learn how to flirt, represent myself for the amazing woman I am, attract quality men, successfully utilize online dating, and be an amazing first date.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing this skill set with women— just like you.

I’m now married to the absolute love of my life. The love I experience with Kevin is real, unfiltered, all encompassing, confident, accepting, and unconditional. I’m telling you— it does exist.

You deserve to experience true love with a man that is undeniable devoted to you.

You can fall in love: first with your amazing self, then with the right man for you.

You will share your life with a man that unconditionally accepts you for the incredible and unique woman you are.

Want to know all the nitty gritty details of my journey? You'll find them here.
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